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Differential & Transfer Case Service in Colorado Springs

Looking to upgrade your vehicle's speed, power and handling? With the right axle parts and adjustments you can get the most out of your vehicle. Come in for a FREE evaluation and see what is possible!

Differential and Transfer Case Service in Colorado Springs

Looking for a place in Colorado Springs or along the Front Range for differential and transfer case service? We’ve been in the game for decades. Take a look below at the services we offer. Ready to schedule an appointment for your differential or transfer case service in Colorado Springs or beyond? Give us a call now at 719-725-1559, or send us an email.

We Work on Classic Cars, SUV, Sports Cars, 4x4, Trucks, and more.

Would you like to improve your vehicle's speed, power and handling? National Differential is a multi-generational family business with decades of experience. We are laser-focused on helping you to get the performance you require from any vehicle. We offer FREE evaluations to help you determine the right parts and adjustments to improve your vehicle's performance.

Differential Repair and Differential Rebuilds in Colorado Springs

Your vehicle's differential allows the wheels on your vehicle to turn at different speeds when necessary — most commonly in a turn. The differential is a wholly mechanical component on the vehicle and is subject to wear and tear and, inevitably, failure. We do differential rebuilds with new sleeves, bushes, bearings and other components. Call us at 719-725-1559 if you have questions about your own differential repair or rebuild.

At National Differential we have a simple goal — the right part at the right price! We have a large stock of differentials on hand to get you back on the road as quickly as we can, and if you happen to own one of the rare vehicles that we don't have stock for we will quickly do a differential rebuild for you.

If you want to do-it-yourself, we'll ship your differential to you, so you can install it. If you'd prefer that we do the work for you, we are more than happy to help you with a full installation. Our differentials are guaranteed for three years and unlimited miles, so you leave National Differential with the peace of mind you need.

National Differential also ships nationwide. No matter where you are we will get you the differential you need quickly and for a price that cannot be beat!

Transfer Case Service and Repair in Colorado Springs

A transfer case is the heart of a four-wheel drive vehicle, but unfortunately as a mechanical part it is bound to break at some point (usually at the worst possible time!). 

National Differential offers a wide range of transfer cases across many manufacturers. We carry transfer cases for various models of vehicles including: Ford SUVs and trucks, Chevy and GM, Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler, and even Toyota and Nissan. 

Our remanufactured transfer cases are fully disassembled and thoroughly inspected for stripped threads, main shaft straightness and condition of all internal parts. Damaged or failed components are replaced, the full case is cleaned and resurfaced inside and out. Then each unit is fully tested to ensure it is ready for installation.

In addition to transfer case rebuilds, we also provide a full range of transfer case services. From fluids to adjustments,

Our expert staff is backed by years of experience, so all our transfer cases receive hands-on, quality treatment and testing, and in timely manner so that you can get back on the road.

Upgrade Towing Capacity with Axle Shafts and Gear Changes

We also offer a wide variety of axles and axle parts for a variety of trucks, SUVs and all other vehicles in order to improve your ability to tow without putting strain on your drivetrain. National Differential also carries gear and gear assembly parts.

Complete Rebuild Kits

Want to do it yourself? National Differential carries the kits that help you get the job done while avoiding the painful parts hunt. We carry kits for axles, differential rebuilds, gearing, locking hubs and conversions, and more.

Axle Straightening and Repair in Colorado Springs

When you’re out there hauling and driving hard, sometimes your rear differential and axle can get bent. Or an accident might cause an issue. Axle straightening can be an option to save time and money.

Transfer Case and Differential Fluid Services in Colorado Springs

We offer a full line of fluid services to maintain your transfer case and differentials, keeping you on the road.

We Are Professionals

Transfer case services and differential repairs can be a strain on your budget. We understand this and want to help you keep your vehicle operating with a minimal strain and hassle for you and your wallet. National Differential is a local, family-owned business committed to providing the best value in service, in a timely manner. Call us first! 719-725-1559. We WILL save you time and money and provide you with quality and dependable parts and repairs.