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Top Quality Front and Rear Remanufactured Truck Differentials for Sale

Here at National Differential, our goal is simple: become known as the number one place to get remanufactured front & rear truck differentials for sale at the best price. We have complete, ready to install front & rear truck differentials for sale that all include a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.  


What Does “Remanufactured” Mean?

Remanufactured differentials are completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and repaired until they are up to the same standards as a brand-new part. Components that need to be replaced are replaced. We rigorously test every piece of a remanufactured differential before we reassemble it to ensure it meets the highest standards. Finally, we put the differential back together and it’s ready to go into your vehicle


Why Buy Remanufactured Parts?

Remanufactured front & rear truck differentials are considerably more affordable than brand new parts, and when National Differential is the one that remanufactured them, they’re equally as good. Don’t spend more than you have to! Choose one of our differentials we have for sale and get back on the road for less. With our unlimited mileage three-year warranty and many satisfied customers (just check out our reviews!), you know you can trust the parts you get from us.

Common Questions About Remanufactured Differentials

How Does A Differential Work?

A differential allows two wheels on the same axis to rotate at different speeds. This is essential to turning, in which the outer wheel will need to rotate more quickly than the inner wheel. This is because in a turn, the wheel on the outside travels a greater distance than the inside wheel. Different kinds of differentials, as explained below, have their own advantages and disadvantages.


What is an Open Differential?

An open differential is sometimes also known as a standard differential. The open differential has the benefit of being more affordable and less complex. Unlike a limited slip differential, if two wheels experience different levels of traction, an open differential will send power to the wheel with the least traction. For driving on roads and stable surfaces, an open differential is enough.


What is a Limited Slip Differential?

A limited slip differential, unlike an open differential, is able to prevent excessive power from being distributed to a slipping wheel that has lost traction due to snow, dirt, or other off-road conditions while the contacting wheel remains stationary. The limited slip differential handles situations where only one of the wheels has lost traction better than an open differential, making it the ideal choice for off-roaders.


What is a Locking Differential?

A locking differential is like a limited slip differential. It also has advantages over an open differential for off-road environments. Locking differentials are more durable than limited slip differentials, require no servicing, and provide excellent traction. Their downside is that they wear out tires more quickly and sometimes audibly clank or bang from the automatic lockers.


What is Differential Fluid?

Just like engine oil, differential fluid lubricates the gears inside the differential, reducing friction and keeping everything inside your differential healthy. Fortunately, differential fluid does not need to be changed as frequently as engine oil. Most vehicles need differential fluids changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles but be sure to check your vehicle’s manual to be sure.


Why We’re Different

We‘ve taken a different approach to the remanufactured differential business. Unlike most other front & rear differential rebuild shops who take jobs as they come, requiring the customer to wait to have their truck differential rebuilt, we instead have the most popular front and rear differentials for sale that fit most of today’s trucks and SUVs so that our customers can get back on the road quickly. After all, as they say in the fleet world, "If the wheels aren't turnin,’ you're not earnin.’” We have the truck differentials for sale you need to keep those wheels turning. 

If we do not have the unit you need in stock, we can rebuild yours or source it and get done quickly. We deliver locally and ship nationwide as well. When you buy a differential from us, we’ll get it to you, wherever you are.

We’re also one of the most experienced differential teams you’ll find. We’ve got over 30 years of experience in providing differentials for sale and doing rebuilds

Finally, our remanufactured differentials are shipped to you completely assembled, ready to get fluids and go straight into your vehicle. Unlike many other differential remanufacturers, our products include hubs and backing plates. Open the box, install in your truck, and hit the road!